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Thanks to its state-of-the-art digital technology and advanced features, including 4 DSP channels and up to 4 pre-programmed hearing programs, DAC4 MAX hearing systems deliver the high hearing performance for todays user.
With DAC4 MAX you can choose from a range of custom-made hearing systems, from full shell ITE tominiature CIC, allowing for a discreet fitting at the same time as providing a unique and comfortablewearing experience.
The DAC4 MAX range also includes 4 BTE models, including the miniature PT-70 and the receiver inthe canal Nimbus RIC.
DAC4 MAX offers the highest level of technology, ensuring clear hearing in a variety of situations. Theautomatic feedback manager constantly scans for instability in incoming sound, preventing potentialfeedback. Whatever your needs, DAC4 MAX will give you the performance and technology you need.
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