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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars

Model No.
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Product Description
  • Vessels for the safe storage of liquid nitrogen over a prolonged period of time
  • Full range of specifications to suit individual needs
  • An additional withdrawal tube is required to allow the safe dispensing of liquid nitrogen
  • Units include dust cover cap
  • Withdrawal tube not included as standard

Storage Dewar, 5 litre capacity, holding time 4 to 5 weeks 462(h) x 222(d) mm without withdrawal tube

Storage Dewar, 10 litre capacity, holding time 6 to 8 weeks 546(h) x 260(d) mm without withdrawal tube

Storage dewar, 20 litre capacity, holding time up to 300 days 627(h) x 368(d) mm without withdrawal tube

CRY501-30 30              litre Storage Dewar

CRY501-50 50              litre Storage Dewar

Withdrawal tube for 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 litre units (please state)

CRY501-RB                     Roller Base for CRY501-20sc

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