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SleepCube Heated Humidification System

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Product Description

The SleepCube heated humidification system has been designed to offer patients added comfort during the night and ultimately a more effective outcome to their CPAP treatment.

It docks easily onto the base of the SleepCube unit without the need for a separate hose or power cord and is compatible with all devices in the range.

The 10 available heat settings can be adjusted to suit patient requirements and its compact design with shallow water chamber and large steel element ensure optimum humidification throughout the night.

  • Compact design
  • Docks easily onto the base of the SleepCube retaining the original footprint of the device
  • Compatible with all devices in the SleepCube range
  • Does not require additional hose or power cord
  • Optimum humidification throughout the night due to shallow design of the chamber and large heating plate
  • The optimum temperature setting is dependant on the ambient temperature and humidity of the room. There are 10 heat settings available: setting 1 results in a heater plate temperature of approximately 84˚F (29˚C), setting 10 results in a heater plate temperature of approximately 149˚F (65˚C)
  • Easy to fill, assemble and clean
  • The SleepCube series CPAP’s can all be operated via a 12V DC power source, however, please note that the heater will NOT operate directly from a 12 V DC source, and only cold humidification will be possible
  • Is it advisable to use distilled water or can I fill the unit with ordinary tap water?
    The heated humidifier should be filled using distilled water at room temperature.
  • How do I correctly fill the humidifier and how much water should be added?
    Remove the water chamber from the humidifier cradle, hold the chamber upright and fill with distilled water. Please note of the water level indicators on the side and front of the chamber avoid overfilling. The chamber should then be inserted back into the cradle.
  • How does the heated humidifier fit to the SleepCube device?
    The heated humidifier docks easily on to the base of any SleepCube. The air port plug should be removed from the base of the SleepCube and connected to the port at the rear of the device. Align the base of the device with the cradle at a slight angle then align the cradle locking tabs with the recesses in the CPAP. Firmly press down the back to lock into place.
  • What are the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures for the heated humidifier?
    The chamber should be disassembled by pressing forward on the chamber disassembly lever and lifting the lid of the chamber. Remove the seal around the lid of the chamber and wash all parts in warm water and mild detergent. Allow the parts to dry before re-assembling. The surfaces of the cradle and SleepCube unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Please ensure the humidifier is unplugged and has been allowed to cool.
  • What are the highest and lowest temperature settings?
    There are 10 heat settings available. Setting 1 results in a heater plate temperature of approximately 84˚F (29˚C) and setting 10 results in a heater plate temperature of approximately 149˚F (65˚C)
  • Can I run my heated humidifier from a 12V power supply?
    Only cold humidification is possible when running your SleepCube device from a 12V power supply.

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